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The Patriots March

These Colours Don’t Run

Welcome Patriots!

My name is Jim “Big Red” Rose and I am a patriot. I am used to work for a major retail company in their haulage and product movement sector. I was a voice of reason and calm in a lefty infested sector where “woke” culture ruined whatever it touched. Having a laugh was banned. Banter became monitored by the PC police and I was let go because I value freedom of speech more than anything. The vicious rumors of me placing cameras in the women’s toilets are completely unfounded and the fact I have had to sign the sex offenders register is yet another example of leftist judges and screaming feminists wanting to censor and control everything.

Them letting me go was the biggest mistake they could have made. My patriots were in need of a voice to combat the droning monotony of the metropolitan elite and remoaning liberal traitors. I can now dedicate myself to fighting for justice and equality for all (especially the put upon white men of this country) full time. There will be no aspect of “woke” culture I wont address and no-one will be safe from scrutiny

For those of you who are advocates of free speech (as long as it doesn’t go against The Queen, England, Brexit or the British Empire) I welcome you. For those of you against this basic human right. I warn you.

The Patriots March