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True Patriotism

We must prevail! The last great American patriot Donald Trump has shown the weakling Liberal Left what this Coronavirus nonsense is all about! Having confidently batted away the virus like a aircraft carrier shooting down Zeros at Midway, the President strode back into the White House and the upcoming election battle.

Millions of well wishers defied the looney left to celebrate his return dancing and covorting on the White House lawn. Mr Trump himself was clearly moved with the actions seemingly taking his breath away.

He showed the naysayers what for by removing his “mask” and hurling it into the crowd. A Churchillian two fingers moment distilled in the body of Roosevelt if there ever was one.

A survivor and a fighter to the last he showed that with a steely determination you can destroy this virus as easy as any Afghan village.

No need for “science”, “treatment” or “cures” just buckets of gumption

Boris and Trump are two peas from the same pod. Two bulwarks of truth, justice and liberty holding back the ever flowing tide of Communism that threatens to overwhelm us all.

As with Corbyn, Biden, Trumps unfortunate opponent clearly hates his country. He hates it to the core. Any man can see that Trump and only Trump can work with Boris to bring about Brexit and start the utter destruction of the corrupt and communist EU.

For Biden to DARE to stand before this is nothing short of abominable. He should cease his traitorous actions immediately and concede defeat so that the free world can really get going.

Let’s make the UK and the USA great again! Should put that on a hat


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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