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Burnham Burnt

Andy Burnham is burnt by Boris! Stirring stuff from the House of Commons today as not only is Marxist fantasist Andy Burnham slapped back to Manchester with his take between his legs, but our rabble rousing PM has put the skids on the loopy Lefts attempt to Nationalise children

Tory MPs heroically stuck to their guns and said “No you little Mao wannabe” to Marcus Rashford and have bravely stopped the plans to feed hungry children.

Thank god for common sense! If Mr Rashford is so concerned about children why doesn’t he and all his football pals let the kids come and live with them? Whinging leftists like Marcus are quick to call on the government to “do their job” but aren’t prepared to fund the building of a complete children’s hospital themselves.

The Metropolitan Elite have warped the minds of the simple Britain. Causing thousands of families to forget their roots.

Where are the group’s of kids gaily picking apples or roasting chestnuts for a hearty meal? Why should a government (who is preparing for the war on Brexit) have to concern themselves with a class of people who are unwilling to catch, skin, cook and eat thier own cat?

No these whishy washy celebrity worshipping Remoaners want everything on a plate. Including thier dinner!

I remember a time when the British population didn’t moan that Jerry had sunk a ship full of avocado’s. No sir. It rolled its sleeves up and grew itself some turnips for tea!

We can get back to these easier times once the socialist rot is rooted out of our communities. This must start with the immediate arrest of all sportsmen who spout criticism about Boris and his brave team


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General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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