Priti Patel is an easy target for those frothing at the mouth fifth columnists of the Left who want nothing more than to invite millions of migrants into this country while banning Easter Eggs.

She is a strong willed woman who undoubtedly would use the brave boys in the Navy to sink these “dinghies of destitution” if she could. Please save me the “this is cruel” sexist nonsense, if it was Horatio priming the cannon you’d love it.

She runs her entire philosophy on “owning” the Left like any good politician should. She’s charismatic, charming, polite and friendly all things which would be banned if Corbyn ever sneaks into power

This is why they hate her. In Patel they see the warmth of Conservatism and it threatens to melt thier icy hearts. This is a woman who has fought tooth and nail to get where she wants and no two bit Economics degree holding, celery munching, tiny dog walking ex-student lefty crying about a bit of office banter is going to stop her!

I can sympathise with Patel because I too have been harshly accused of bullying by those lesser members of staff who operate beneath me. I was accused of being a “masonginist” which is bizarre as I have no problem with Mason jars and I had been shouting at a person.

I’m with Patel because these snowflakes need a hefty boot up the arse to get them off Tik bloody Tok.

The softly softly management approach has led a generation of vegans and woke lunatics to believe they are right and anything that offends them is immediately wrong. How can you run a business or department like that? Next they’ll be saying they can’t start work at 9 because thier too tired from writing their funny Tweets late at night. In my eyes we should implement a policy that

If grabbing a 17 year old intern by the throat and screaming into thier face about how you’re going to deport their family isn’t the right thing to do…. . Then the world’s gone bloody mad!!!

Boris ruling that Patel has done nothing wrong (despite all the evidence from that inquiry) is a blow for freedom as loud as the last night of bombs on Berlin. The Left better be watching

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General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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