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The LameStream Media are covering it up. “Big Tech” are turning thier faces away from it. The radical left are embracing it.

Election fraud: Fraud that has occurred during a election. Like the one we’ve seen in the USA. That supposed citidel of democracy has turned itself into a pit of Socialist deceit.

President Trump (a man who has amassed more votes than any political leader in history) has ordered historical legal challenges against the results in a brave attempt to save the US

What has happened instead? Recounts have “found” more votes for Bolshevik Biden but haven’t found the millions of “lost votes” for Trump? How can you find a few straggling votes cast by opioid riddled poetry teachers but seemingly bypass all the other legal votes?

Trumps teams of super lawyers have been battering the Leftist court systems with a steady stream of facts and yet they still hold firm. Still they stand opposed to the will of the American people. Opposed to the will of billions around the world.

For those of you sitting there asking for “evidence” and saying “but he’s making it up he’s mad as shit” let me ask you this:

If you are robbed of your wallet down a dark alley then wouldn’t you want justice? The President was robbed of his birth right, the right to establish a dynasty by those on election night. Instead of knives it was ballot boxes. Instead of a dark alley it was in plain sight!

If the Communists are allowed to get away with this now then what’s next?


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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