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War On Charity

Jacob Rees-Mogg is a gentleman and a scholar. A finely tuned political mind lounging on the victorious side of history and being one of the true “Steel Rods” of Brexit. He’s someone who you wouldn’t mind doffing your cap to as he rode by in a cart. Might even drop you a farthing the cheery fellow.

Mr Mogg has rightly been incensed with those meddling do gooders from UNICEF starting to feed starving children in the UK. Calling it a “political stunt” and “shameful”. He’s right. The grant that UNICEF have given to “feed” “hungry” “children” will clearly be funnelled off into the pockets of one of the many urban leftist gorilla terror cells that await the commencement of Brexit to unleash terror on our streets.

Mr Mogg saying what every right thinking patriot in Britain is thinking: Go after the charities.

Chartities are socialist hotbeds of wayward thinking and sedetion. They are designed to siphon off money from the pockets of those who need it and instead is used to fund the building of statues of Jeremy Corbyn that the Maoist hordes want to raise in place of our war memorials.

The Lefts war on Christmas is been overtaken and the war on Chartities has begun! You can do your bit by harassing any charity workers you see or knocking their collection tins over. If you own a local business you can refuse to serve anyone who supports charity.

Personally I think we should start with the NSPCC as they won’t let me see my kids


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