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Joe Public

Clap for carers is back. As usual the feeble left are unable just to get up in the morning and do thier jobs without having someone hold thier hands and tell them how well they’re doing.

Not very well if you ask Joe Public. If this whole clapping malarkey was up to scratch then surely the boffins in the health service would have come up with a one shot wonder cure that would jab Corona in the eye and make a start on regrowing my hair.

But of course they haven’t come up with anything. Oh sure thier swinging this “vaccine” round like a dick the size of a cricket bat but what is a “vaccine”?

My mate Steve Green, top lad salt of the earth says it like it is sorta chap, says they put the virus into the “vaccine” and then “inject” it into “you”.

Now I’m no fancy la de dar science man with a degree from space but I’ve watched Dawn of the Dead twice and I think I’ve got a handle on this epidemiology stuff.

You see in Dawn of the Dead the zombies bite the uninfected people and they become infected. What does a needle do? Bites you! Then bang your infected with Corona.

Why would you want to put a virus into your body? I thought the point of lockdowns was so you didn’t catch the virus? But they want to “vaccine” you with it? Something smells so fishy the EU will probably try and slap a quota on it.

So you can keep your clapping for carers. I’ll be out there…. Clapping…. For the truth


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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