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Twitter Twaddle

I see the world wide Socialist infiltration network that is Twitter is awash with unpatriotic wording. Not satisfied with denying the ultimate speaker of the truth, President Trump, a place at the table, Twitter has descended into anarchy.

A hotbed of Black Lives Matter slogans and “facts” Twitter is little more than Der Spiegle with more pictures. Heavily laced with Pro EU propaganda and anti Brexit bias Twitter now has “Boris has failed the nation”

This is like saying “Churchill failed at Gallipoli” yes overall that particular attack didn’t go well. With 40k troops killed and over 250k injured and no objectives captured you could be (bullied by left wing scholar’s) right to say it was a failure of immense proportions. In fact you could say that as First Lord of the Admiralty he was entirely to blame. However he delivered Brexit!

Not Churchill I mean Boris OUR Churchill OUR war leader OUR first Lord of Brexit. So maybes let’s just put out Lefty caps on for a moment and think like a mad Maoist for a moment. Just suppose that Boris did in fact:
* Lock down too late
* told everyone he was shaking hands with Corona patients
* caught Corona
* kept schools open
* gave the public mixed messages over the severity of the pandemic by refusing to punish those close to him for lockdown breaches
*eat out to help out
* locked down too late again
*leaving the borders open
*wasting billions on track and trace systems that don’t exist

If our heartfelt, sincere Boris had done even a quarter of the things on the list he would have proven beyond a doubt that that he is incapable of doing the job. Or that he is a immensely cruel git pushing the country off a cliff edge.

As he’s still in charge its clear to me that he has done none of these things so checkmate Lefties. Those 100,000 deaths are on your door step not Boris’s. He’s only in charge of the country not keeping people alive. Boris and his merry rag tag band of Brexiteers have done thier best to minimise the catastrophic death toll but they have been out foxed on all fronts by a cheeky foreign devil. Luckily BOJOs brimming confidence and can do spirit will have those affected by the plague leaping out of their trenches and at the hun soon enough!

Now I wash my hands of this matter or I don’t wash em. I can’t remember which, I read two official government leaflets today


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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