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It’s war

It’s war! It’s not quiet on the Eastern front no more as “Krazy Kraut” Ursula van der do dar has put a militarised HARD border down the middle of Ireland.

The EU have literally begun a sedatious campaign of germ warfare on the UK by denying our brave scientists access to the Coronavirus vaccine.

Obviously Coronavirus doesn’t exist in the same “biblical plague of locusts” vein the mainstream media would have you believe. Nor does it pose a problem to any sane Englishman with a ounce of common sense. But HOW DARE THEY?

By denying us access to a vaccine we don’t need the EU might as well of said “The Sommes back on lads” and reopened the trenches. If that’s what they want we’re ready. We beat the EU in 1914 and we’ll do it again!

I was talking to my mate Jeff and we agreed that they should bring back national service and round up all these unemployed lefties and send em on a forced march up the Rhine! That’d soon put the wind up Rommels granddaughter!

The EU with their vicious and vile actions have publicly embarrassed themselves across the board. Not only am I glad to be out of that stinking hole of a continent I’m beginning a recruitment campaign for “The English foreign legion”. We’ll deploy anywhere the EU is going against British interests. We’ll get our hands dirty so brave British Squaddies won’t have to.

God save the Queen


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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