Fair Warning

So the real enemy within our nations politics has shown her true face to us English. Sturgeon. Nicola Sturgeon has spent her entire life trying to dismantle the Union and usher in a new era of Scottish supremacy.

She believes the “England should bark at the heel of its Scottish master” like some form of country sized dog. Sturgeon believes wholeheartedly in the destruction of our way of life and would have us eating haggis in Harrogate and wearing kilts in Kent if she had her way.

Now the opportunity has arisen to cut the head clean off this Scottish hydra and brave Boris “Sir George” Johnson must cut it off. Welding Brexit like a flaming sword, driven by destiny he can thrust his blade into the heart of Scottish independence and slay the beast for good.

When Sturgeon broke the Ministerial code (as well as thousands of undocumented but undoubtedly real treasonous acts) she should have offered her head. But as she stands fast it looks like we’ll have to march up to Falkirk and dig her out.

I know bleating socialist lefties will cry and say “Mat Hancock broke the law” or “Patel broke Ministerial code” but the difference between them and Sturgeon? They got Brexit done. They are war heroes of the same ilk as those who gallantly defended Rorkes Drift. They should be awarded VCs not asked if they will resign over minor issues.

Sturgeon and the lefty agitators she funds in England should be terminated with extreme prejudice. With Patel on the case I imagine that this poisonous Scottish imp will soon be getting her just desserts

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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