Priti As A Picture

Priti Patel is finally ascending like a Lancaster bomber into British skies and becoming the Minister she’s been promising to become. But instead of strafing the city of Bonn its unarmed refugee swarms that are her targets.

With “Up and at them” Johnson backing his attack dog to the hilt our Priti can really start to give these illegal asylum seekers something to think about. Namely some well shot holes in thier boats!

Priti is primed like an infantry battalion waiting to support her beleaguered troops at our ports. Her anti migration task force needs to be fully funded with submarines and all manner of air support.

Also in times of war such things as human rights should be suspended. I know this might sound harsh but any navy task force sent out to deal with a cowering horde of illegal asylum seekers need to know the Crown has thier back. They cannot hesitate for a second when those boats come into thier gun sights. Yes there may be some tragic child deaths but our boys can’t exactly ask if there’s any children on board before opening fire indiscriminately.

As a side note some funding should be made available to Nige Farage. He’s been patrolling our coasts, bravely shouting at terrified migrants as they scramble up our beaches. So maybe if Pritis feeling pretty (pun intended) generous then she can chuck Sargent Major Farage a few coins to keep fighting the good fight

We will protect our island…. Whatever the cost may be

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