Knees Up Mother Brexit

So old “Sausage” Johnsons been up (and down) to his old tricks. This time the ultimate Brexiteers lads lad has been shagging around with some tasty bit of crumpet and the sexless Left are up in arms about it.

“Old Knobber” may have bunged his little lady a couple of quid out of the petty cash tin so she could get herself tarted up. I mean who hasn’t slid their “bit of work fancy” a tenner to get some stockings?

The crazy left would rather see us vaccinated against being a bit randy than using public money to help cheat on your wife.

Old “Knees up trousers down” Johnson has done nothing wrong except get caught and now wibbling Commies want him “investigated”. Bet they would have been fine if it had been Mao doing the horizontal hustle with Che Guevara. Double standards.

Old “run it up my flagpole Admiral” Johnson joins a long list of Great British shaggers who have shaped the course of the world with the swords in thier scabbards and breeches. From Nelson to my dad we British men have been knocking out and knocking up foreigners ever since King Arthur buried Excalibur in Guinevere.

This country needs more sexual escapades from our betters, its as British as a dog stealing sausages or food banks. So come on Patel and Gove let’s all of you get in on the act

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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