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Pain From Spain

Like a cancerous tumour that’s become self away the EU is starting to invent “petty” rules to stop brave Brits colonising that desolate wasteland.

Dozens of Brits, who have been doing off the books jobs for years, are being forced out of thier homes in Spain. Forced out and driven like cattle into planes and hurled back into the UK.

So what if Baz from Slough wasn’t paying any tax or was their “illegally” you can’t just go chucking ex-pats out of your country like they’re refugees fleeing a war torn country. Yeah a few of the lads out in Spain were probably running a few scams and “capers” while they were out there,but when did that ever matter?

Without the “Bent Barrow Boys of Brough” your granny wouldn’t have had any nylons during the Blitz. So not only is the EU destroying lives thier also spitting in the faces of those of us who walked fearlessly through the streets while Merkels Junkers circled overhead.

With this “illegal” nonsense as well you can sling your paella into the sea. How can a BRITISH EX PAT BE ILLEGAL IN SPAIN??? These people have been living and thriving in Spain perfectly legally then all of a sudden they’ve become illegal. So what’s changed? Brexit of course! The EU are punishing innocent Brits in a pathetic attempt to hurt our national pride.

Well here’s a message to that corrupt behemoth of incompetence: You can’t kill thousands of years of National Pride by sending home some of our greatest minds and thinkers. People who will be energised by thier European betrayal and ready to make Brexit a success!

You’re move EU


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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