So the virulent anti UK mob are at it again. Not satisfied with attempting to erode our democracy from within they are now going after our dear PM.

“Honest” Boris is being skewered by this video that’s doing the rounds. The video shows Bojo lying. Repeatedly. Without any shame.

This is, of course, a brilliant tactic developed by the PM to through the red hell hounds of Labour off his scent. Don’t think of these blatant and obvious lies as just that think of each mistruth as Boris heroically swinging over a pit of fire. Think of the lies as him jinking round a spear that’s thrust up at him. If we imagine that the lies that spill from his mouth as little more than a clever dodge of a downswinging natives club as he steals the treasure of sovereignty for Britain!

That friends is what we should be taking away from this. Not his lies but a truth.

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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