The Farmers Fortune

Into the breach my friends! Trusty Truss has done it again? She’s whirled her magic trade baton and conjured up a trade agreement with Australian. A real Wizard of Oz.

Truss has ensured premium “hormone injected” beef and all the kangaroos the regiments can eat will be delivered the UK throughout the year.

Once again though the Left are wringing their vegan tofu tightly pontificating about the effect on the environment and our diet. If it had been down to them we would have dropped sponges on Berlin in ’43 because bombs might frighten a species of rare bat.

The “environment” is a proven myth that was invented by socialist teachers so they could invent an geography department. So a few penguins might lose thier habitats if the ice caps melt but ask yourself this: how much support did Antarctica offer to our boys during the Korean War? Exactly none. So why do we owe them a dam thing?

Truss is out there making friends and creating trade opportunities through sheer force of will. She’s playing poker while the rest of the world is playing chess and it’s working!

I’ve been hearing that a few sheep fondling farmers are upset about the impact it may have on them. You knew what we were voting for, this is Brexit and if you can’t compete with a couple of cork hatted madmen then maybe you should get into another business

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