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They’ve backed down! Bojo has strong armed the EU into accepting British sausage once more! As the sound of “Keep The Home Fires Burning” drifts across our war weary land spare a thought for those brave negotiation teams lost in enemy territory.

The EUs desperation to destroy the UKs chilled meats market is straight outta the Socialists playbook. Stalin did the EXACT same thing in Russia and look at that place now! Lawless Communism running rampant destroyed the land of the Tsars and it will rip through our country like a rapidly mutating virus and even cowering in your lockdowns won’t do anything to stop it.

When Lenin and his motley mob first marched on Moscow they did so by disrupting meat trade routes all the way to the Baltic sea. This is phase one in destroying traditional Christian family values and good on our boys and boffins back in Blighty for seeing right through it!

I’ve heard a lot of guff about this “deal” we “signed” into “international law” being one “we negotiated” and that’s all it is. Guff, hogwash and prattle. Lefty newspapers, I wouldn’t wrap me haddock in, bleating about a deal Boris won an election on are sowing division in this country!

We are at war with the EU, the Left, Socialists and a plethora of other frothing at the mouth enemies of the UK a war we must win! Winners write history and history is what shapes the future!

For those of you crying at the fact the UK might lose its global reputation as a trustworthy trading partner let me ask you this. If in WW2 we had brokered a peace deal with Hitler and Stalin, then pulled the rug out from under thier feet once thier trust was earnt and thier backs turned. Those condemning Bojo for fighting dirty would have been the same ones cheering on Churchill as he plunged the dagger into the back of those moustachioed villains.

We are one nation standing up to an decadent ruling elite who want nothing more than to have us all take the knee to Communism. We are winning


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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