I’ve been asked multiple times if I’m watching the, wonderfully named, GBNews. The answer is no. All mainstream media is little more than the thoughts of Communism given voice by willing puppets of the Kremlin.

As a man who never wears jumpers its impossible to pull the wool over my eyes. This Andrew O’Neil is as much a part of the metropolitan elite as any of the slack jawed socialist sock puppets that populate BBC news.

A so called Brexiteer who resides in France!!! What’s wrong with Farnborough Andrew? The day after the Brexit vote I went straight to one of those little Eastern European shops and surrendered my passport, they wouldn’t take it so I burnt it in front of the cheese counter. The police arrived but my protest had been justified and I felt they were suppressing my right to protest! Did they think I was a lefty marching for racial equality? The whole incident was blown out of proportion and I told the judge so in court.

My point is: what did Andrew do after Brexit? Did he bravely commandeer a fleet of small boats and sail British patriots from mainland Europe to the beaches of Western Super Mare? Did he smash the blockade guarding the Channel Tunnel and sally forth into Blighty?

No he stayed safe and secure in his French cacoon sniffing garlic and quaffing champagne no doubt. While Joe Patriot stayed in Britain and fought the ensuing Brexit wars!

Now he thinks he can start up his own TV channel and just jump into our lives like he’s been here the entire time! He’s not part of us dear patriots he’s merely trying to prise you away from your hard gods honest cash. No matter how many Union Jack’s he drapes himself in it doesn’t mean he’s one of us. Unlike Sir Nige

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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