The Empty Shelves Of Home

I’ve seen hundreds of shrieking Remoaners bleeting on over a couple of empty shelves in thier local garages. Predictably they are blaming Johnsons Brexit when it is clearly the work of Scottish insurgents.

Sturgeon has whipped those who lurk in the “Glenn’s” behind Hadrians wall into an anti English frenzy. A frenzy that threatens to tear this island nation apart. Independence is in the air for the noisy descendents of Macbeth and disruption of our food supplies is on the agenda

Thousands of Scottish nationalists live and move freely about our British Isles each one a potential sleeper cell of Choas. The entire scheme stinks of Sturgeon and of a calculated assault to keep BRITISH Jammy Dodgers off our shelves which is EXACTLY how those cousins of Nessie would start their march to independence.

Let me tell you. THIS UNION AIN’T FOR BREAKING. You can blockade our Morrisons all you want but you’ll never take our freedom! We are the sovereign nation of Great Britain and we will not be forced to kneel at the feet of Hamish McSturgeon to purse our lips and kiss her kilt!!!!

We are English!!! Indomitable fighting lions of London! So take our food Sturgeon take it all. We’ll gorge ourselves on our faith! Patriotism will fill our bellies and our children will sing songs of glorious Empire as we stand proudly around the Union Jack!

Your move Scotland

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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