Starmer Drama

The Labour Party conference has begun led by a man so in the pocket of Corbyn you’ll be finding lint on his forehead.

Starmer, for years, has perpetrated treasonous acts against the Crown. Acts so heinous that I can’t even write about them here for fear of upsetting some of my older readers.

Starmer has released a essay on “what he stands for” which I assumed was just the Communist National Anthem. Corbyn is the merry piper and Starmer dances to his red jig like a Chinese prostitute trying to impress the king. He is Corbyns man make no mistake.

When you look at Starmer what do you see? I tell you what you don’t see and that’s a godamm war hero. Where was he at Trafalgar? Balaclava? Bosworth? Cowering behind his “manifesto” no doubt.

During my lifetime I have NEVER seen Starmer receive the Victoria Cross. I’ve NEVER seen him pilot a Spitfire and do you know how many times I’ve seen him down the local buying the lads a pint? NOT ONCE

If you ever put your faith in the crimson hand of Labour you might as well grow yourself a moustache, call yourself Stalin and purge your family of dissenters.

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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