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Sausage Wars

Lay down your arms you Austrians! Surrender you Swedes and give up you Germans! The Sausage Wars are over! Once more plucky Brits jutted out a strong chin to Europe and said “not today Fritz!”

Frau Merkel and her co-conspirators in EU HQ have been thwarted in thier diabolical schemes. Quivering in thier foxholes they realised that Captain Johnson was about to “go over the top” while Bomber Commander Farage was circling his Lancasters round Turin and they couldn’t hack it!

On thier hands and knees they came crawling through our barbed wire waving the white flag of surrender. Begging to allow British sausage to be sold in Northern Ireland once more!

Once again we are able to sell British meat products to other parts of the UK! Before Brexit the EU would have set up a commission to find out what the environmental impact of your sausage butty was! Then as YOU’RE DROWNING IN RED TAPE they’ll probably take your precious butty, rename it a “Flugerstuber” and give it to some immigrants landing on a beach! This happened DAILY before Brexit.

Let the bells ring out in Belfast and rejoice! The Holy sausage sandwich is back and there’s NOTHING those Brussels Big Wigs can do about it

Just like Flanders we stand victorious.

At the cooking of the breakfast we shall remember them.


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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