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Water Load Of Rubbish

Score one for the Downing Street crew! While vacuous Corbynites have been wringing thier hands over the colour of bathroom doors, Johnson is getting things done!

In the latest step of levelling up the building back better we can now chuck our untreated rubbish into the sea. Finally we are back to a time when men were men and you could throw your chamber pot out of your window onto a haughty Irishman as you saw fit!

The universally hated EU invented all these ridiculous rules to interfere with everyday British life. Is it not written in the Magna Charter that “he who is of English blood can lay his waste down upon her noble soil”? What I’m saying is:that time I got caught short and had to shit in that climbing frame? I should have my conviction quashed and all those people who wrote that horrible stuff about me in the local paper should be shot.

Like you I’m tired of wishy washy lefty whingers telling me where I can and cannot dump my, potentially, hazardous waste. So thank you Boris and every member of your party who voted to get rid of those rubbish (pun!) environmental protection laws.

So go forth my friends take your cats litter tray, your sanitary waste bins (ladies) and take your used car batteries and throw them into the river! Your countries water ways need you.


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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