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Defence Plan

So there it is. In plain black and white. Big BJ pulled all of Labour’s dirty laundry out into the open right out of his washing machine of political bravado.

Dashing Boris cut a strapping figure as he joined the evil Starmer in the cut and thrust of politics. Dodging accusations and threats before sending a salvo of truth to decimate the Labour front benches. Like a barrage from a warship on D-day he laid down withering fire so that his foot sloggers could pick up the slack.

Out came the big guns with Big Dom Raab batting away questions like they were Zeppelins over London. Then came Nadine Dorries impassioned defe of the Prime Minister. It put one in mind of Joan of Arc and her religious ramblings at the French during the battle of Waterloo (if someone could fact check this that would be helpful, I’m banned from Google). Really compelling but no one has a clue what she’s saying


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