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Ukraine UK Relations

Ukraines grapples with the Russian bear are almost identical to the British people cutting themselves free from the binding tentacles of the EU.

A battle was fought on our streets on a daily basis. Hearts and minds were won and lost. Families split apart. Children told they weren’t allowed to see thier dad again because he painted facts about the EU all over the local trains. I’M A PATRIOT DAMMIT AND HOW ELSE ARE THEY GOING TO LEARN.

Our brave PM stood boldly at the face of the conflict dealing with the onslaught of EU henchmen that battered our fair shores, unlike this Ukrainian chap who seems to be holed up in a basement

Johnson was darting between foxholes and avoiding shrapnel from EU shells throughout our darkest hour. Not once did he ask for a ceasefire. Knowing full well that if he stops the whole of the UK would fall!

Many world leaders and global populations will probably be looking at Johnsons heroics and probably hold him in a higher regard than that Ukraine guy. I, obviously, think that the Ukrainian PM is doing really well but can’t help but wonder if it’d all have been done a lot quicker if Brigadier Johnson and Second Rear Vice Admiral Truss were leading the fightback

Makes you think


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