Live Like This

This “cost of living crisis” is nothing but manufactured bunkum engineered by the violent left in a desperate attempt to hoodwink the hard working people of Britain.

Now I’m a level headed person not prone to getting overexcited but I can categorically state that there is no cost of living crisis.

Life is supposed to be hard. Its supposed to be unfair and its designed to weed out the weak and the moaners. Maybe if they put thier avacado dinners down and went to work they’d warm up a bit. It’s supposed to be cold in the morning but remember Captain Scott? He famously snapped three toes off, dead from frostbite, each morning before his trek across the poles. You didn’t see him complaining.

These Lords of loss that populate left wing newspapers would have you believe that the Internet or food is a basic right. Ha!

There was NO central heating at The Somme. NO WIFI in the cockpit of a spitfire. There was certainly NO hot food available to Wellingtons brave boys as they marched to Waterloo.

Freedom is a basic right and this government is making us freer than ever. Free of European interference. Free of moral responsibility. Freedom of speech (unless it’s against God, King, country, Brexit, Nige or flags).

You can’t go around subsidising peoples heating bills willy nilly because people will never learn for themselves. Yes you may be 75 but you can still pull a shift as a car park cleaner or a emergency air raid warden.

So Britain get off your knees and embrace Conservative freedom!

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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