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Wellington and I are very much alike. In that we’ve both had a fight at Waterloo. Granted mine was a eight man brawl with some Watford supporters but still.

Information for the faithful.

I am but one man but together we are a lot of men. Patriot. Non ironic Brexiteer. Farage supporter and “woke” denier. Proud founder of White Alliance who Never Kneel and Enjoy Repairing Statues. Single…ladies.

I’ve decided to start chronicling my daily battles against all forms of political correctness and the “woke” left. Having recently walked out of my job because I refused to “take a knee” an bow down to these rag tag anti UK protesters I can now dedicate my time to preserving Britain’s Englishness.

And just so everybody is aware I did not suddenly “change my outlook” when my wife of 23 years left me for that Cameroonian web developer.    

God save the Queen and God save England

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