Crime and Lunchmeat

“Punishment” – The Oxford English dictionary describes punishment as something that occurs to punish a crime. The French seek to “punish” us Brits because of Brexit. Therefore branding Brexit a crime and its perpetrators criminals. Am I a criminal France? Are we proud Brexiteers criminals? Little better than common thieves for wanting a return toContinue reading “Crime and Lunchmeat”

Fishermans Friend

“A man who is not prepared to die for his country is nowt but a beast and a man who won’t scrap for his country is nowt but a Frenchmen” Nelson War has once again been brought to our peaceful shores by the bloodthirsty French and we must stand tall once more. The capture ofContinue reading “Fishermans Friend”

Don’t Budge On The Budget

Dishy Rishi to the rescue eh? The budget is unveiled today and like many like minded Brits I’m hoping for more money for migrant nets and sweeping cuts to the arts. We need a bold Chancellor who’s finally going to turn round to those arty lefty fatcats and tell them “enough is enough”. No longerContinue reading “Don’t Budge On The Budget”

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