Burnham Burnt

Andy Burnham is burnt by Boris! Stirring stuff from the House of Commons today as not only is Marxist fantasist Andy Burnham slapped back to Manchester with his take between his legs, but our rabble rousing PM has put the skids on the loopy Lefts attempt to Nationalise children Tory MPs heroically stuck to theirContinue reading “Burnham Burnt”

Attack The Arts

Whinging liberals and do-gooding lefties were up in arms again after people in the arts were asked to “retrain” if they want to remain in effective employment. To the eyes of the average British patriot there’s bugger all wrong with that. In the eyes of your average loafing leftie comedian who does a bad impressionContinue reading “Attack The Arts”

True Patriotism

We must prevail! The last great American patriot Donald Trump has shown the weakling Liberal Left what this Coronavirus nonsense is all about! Having confidently batted away the virus like a aircraft carrier shooting down Zeros at Midway, the President strode back into the White House and the upcoming election battle. Millions of well wishersContinue reading “True Patriotism”

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