Nation Ration

Normally I’d fight tooth and nail against any celebrity sticking thier noses into British interests… but brave Joanna Lumley saying we should go back to war time style rationing has brought a tear to my eye. As a country we were happier with rationing than we are having all these tiny Romanian shops dotted allContinue reading “Nation Ration”

Water Load Of Rubbish

Score one for the Downing Street crew! While vacuous Corbynites have been wringing thier hands over the colour of bathroom doors, Johnson is getting things done! In the latest step of levelling up the building back better we can now chuck our untreated rubbish into the sea. Finally we are back to a time whenContinue reading “Water Load Of Rubbish”

Protocol Patsys

Lord Frost is a giant of British politics, a hero of Brexit and Boris’s attack dog at the forefront of the assault on the EU. He heroically battled Brussels to secure the Brexit deal and maintain peace in Northern Ireland. If it had been down to Frau Merkel Belfast would have been put to theContinue reading “Protocol Patsys”

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