The Parties Party

The absolute brass balls of Boris Johnson is a sight to behold. Polish them up and use them to guide wounded bombers back to Blighty!

To stand in the very belly of the beast, with political assassins sniping from every angle, puff his chest out and take it on the chin was glorious. Like watching the birth of a new star, glowing and radiant.

There’s no doubt in my mind that BJ is taking a political pummelling to shield other, younger MPs. This is what a leader does. A works event got out of hand after the MP for Suffolk under Scrutiny decided to photocopy his “man breasts” and now BOJO is taking the flak.

Boris, stressed and frantic because of the impending immigration crisis, probably just popped his head in to tell them to keep the noise down before ducking back out again for verbal jousting with Labour.

A strong, principled man with the constitution of a Great Dane has been forced to prostrate himself at the feet of the great British public and begged for forgiveness. We know the mouth farting Left won’t accept a simple human mistake but right thinking people will.

We will see this great man laid low by the folly of others and recognise our own failings and fears. We’re all human beings and before we all start blaming Boris for everything he’s supposed to have done we must look into Corbyns role in all of this. Maybe if the turnip farming IRA loving beardy-weirdy had campaigned better than HE’D be in charge instead. Then it would have been CORBYN breaking the lockdown rules and CORBYN throwing parties and pissing his pants that his Health Secretary just discharged loads of Covid patients into care homes.

Think about that. Corbyn or BJ. I know who I’d rather have breaking the odd rule to get Brexit done

Knighting Nigel

Not knighting Nigel Farage is THE biggest British scandal since Harry married that actress.

Snubbing Nige is akin to digging up all the brave lads who died at D-DAY and giving them a 12 hour lecture on “woke theory”

The Queen refusing to put her sword on his neck is a blooming disgrace and I bet I can find a dozen strong men willing to put one there for her! Nigel has fought tooth and nail for British sovereignty and its cost him everything.

I’ve been silent unto now because I know that that’s what Nigel would want. He wouldn’t want someone with as much influence as I have championing him for honours. He’d probably be happier at a old boys club chatting with retired sailors, regaling him with being hunted by a “wolf pack” through the Atlantic!

A man of integrity, class and Britishness and imbibed with the will of the people should be made a Knight of the Realm. He should be given the keys to the MOD and left to plan the next phase of Brexit. B-Day

Night Watchmen

Like most people I spent my Christmas Day sat at my local coastline watching for migrant boats. You know to give Nigel a day off. Forgoing my Xmas dinner to maintain a lonely vigil atop my countries parapet. Watching over our boarders with a vigilance so potent you’d think it was cheese.

The rain poured down all day soaking me to the bone and it made me appreciate those brave British lads who helped out the Polish resistance during the war. Without plucky British volunteers showing the Poles how to beat the Hun then Warsaw would still be known as New Berlin!

No Xmas Dinner for me as I sat and quietly ate a emergency field ration pack from the Korean war. I didn’t deserve one. Despite all my efforts The Left still march on, warping all our educational establishments and stealing our children’s brains. I know this website has millions of readers so it saddens me to learn that my constant call to arms is unheeded.

At times like this I’m reminded of the Boer war. My grandads grandad fought during that. Was also arrested for doing it because apparently fighting a South African on a train doesn’t help the war effort. But he still did something no one else had the guts to do. Much like me as I jot down the progress of this small fishing boat. Could they be laying down markers to guide in a fleet of enemy combatants? I’d question him when he returned to shore

I’m not a hero. I’m a patriot. There’s a subtle difference between the two. Yes I would kill for my country, I’ve tried, but I’m no hero.

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