So as you may have heard I made my debut appearance on International radio this week. My voice (and by extension yours) was broadcasting common sense points across the airwaves and across the oceans. Anywhere they hoist the Union Jack and heartily sing the national anthem in the Queen’s god given English had me coming in their ears.

Unfortunately the liberal media who run the station have the power of editing the interview before it goes out. So what went into people’s ears wasn’t what came out of my mouth. Well it was what came out of my mouth but out of context.

I felt ambushed by the interviewer, like Brilliant BoJo was at that birthday party. Mentioning that I was a sex offender was massively ambushy and out of context on many levels.

Firstly they didn’t mention that I had volunteered myself to the police after being on the run for a week. Thus saving the taxpayer at least £200 which is something you’ll never read in our Communist media.

“Sex Offender Saves Taxpayer Hundreds of Pounds After He Heroically Hands Himself Over”

Would have been a far fairer headline than the:

“Shoeless Sex Fiend Gives In After Debauched Week On The Run”

Massive difference

So although I’d gone into my first radio battle as prepared as a Navy gunner during the Battle of The Atlantic. Nothing could have prepared me for the den of Socialism I blundered into. Instead of coming across articulated and witty I *maybe* seemed a little more reactionary and possibly even sounded stupid.

Patriot’s Party

The lefty amateur sleuth’s have got him! Pooh’s hand in the cookie jar if you want. The naughty puppy standing next to the warm puddle. The scorched Evangelical near the burnt clinic.

So some “photos” have emerged of a battle weary Boris raising a heavy glass to fallen comrades. In any common sense led country they’d be putting an arm around our beleaguered PM and telling him he tried his best.

In our metropolitan elite led technotheocracy though, where the humourless Left is free to snipe at their betters, it’s a scandal!

Can anyone in this brave country not say they didn’t make a sacrifice during the war on COVID? Can anyone honestly say they didn’t raise a glass to their, self commissioned, portrait of the Queen every hour during lockdown? I know I did.

Boris Johnson only did what other right thinking people would have done in his place. He has bled for his country. He nearly died when he self infected himself with COVID in an attempt to use his own body as a petri dish for developing antibodies. Twice.

If you were building the perfect Brit you’d have Johnny Wilkinson’s foot, Nigel Farages morality and BJs heart. At ANY moment during COVID Boris could have been taken out. A Corbyn inspired assassin perhaps? It’s too early to speculate but I’m sure it’ll come out during the Sue Grey report

Suggesting that Johnson should resign after HAVING A DRINK IN HIS OWN HOUSE is like suggesting Churchill should have resigned after France fell. It’s not his fault.

Rwanda Remander

So now illegal immigrants into this country are getting an tax payer funded holiday to Rwanda! What about us hard working Brits who have been driving forward global Britain into a new and prosperous future?

I have worked my fingers to the bone. Driven a wedge between my relationships. Lost work. Had friends publicly disown me. All for what?

I lie in my bedsit thinking about all the times I’ve defended Brexit, fought for this government, battled the lefty remoaning traitors who stab at me at every turn. Where’s my taxpayer funded holiday to exotic Africa?in fact Where’s my godamm taxpayer funded anything?

I’ve heard Priti Patel asking people for other solutions like I haven’t sent in dozens of them.

Shipping people off to Rwanda for a jolly is a absolute joke. We’re supposed to be leading the world in everything and instead of leading the worlds response to the migration crisis we’re giving people a holiday to Africa! I’ve never seen a lion or a hippo (giraffes don’t exist they’re a scam conducted by the Kenyan tourist board) but these lad will get to see em! I’ll be waking up and looking out my shared window into the rain while those illegals will be watching the sunrise on the Sereanspaggetti!

Sort it out Johnson

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