Attack The Arts

Whinging liberals and do-gooding lefties were up in arms again after people in the arts were asked to “retrain” if they want to remain in effective employment. To the eyes of the average British patriot there’s bugger all wrong with that. In the eyes of your average loafing leftie comedian who does a bad impression of (soon to be Sir) Boris Johnson once a week and expects to get paid….it’s terrible!

All these faux sympathy seeking liberals who screech their way through classic Ed Sheeran songs at an open mic are “upset” that they might have to actually lift a finger in effort. I’m only going to say this once for the Socialists at the back:


It’s not a real ambition to be a musician or a comedian or a bearded Marxist doing endless repeats of “Waiting For Godot”. Only the lazy manipulative Left would laze around waiting for a man who is certainly not coming. Stupid play.

It’s a time of national hardship brought on by years of financial mismanagement from a Labour government determined to beat the population down into something malleable and easily swayed into Communism. We haven’t got time for mimes. We haven’t got the strength to carry a legion of lefty students trying to become conceptual artists. Here’s a concept for you son: Learn a trade.

The arts are a hobby and should be pursued as anyone else pursues one. For fifteen minutes at the weekend. Also being a “Youtuber” is a disgrace. I don’t really understand it but I know I’m against it and everything it stands for.

And let me be clear I have nothing against “the arts” apart from that there a waste of time and none of my opinions have been shaped by my first girlfriend leaving me for an accordion teacher

True Patriotism

We must prevail! The last great American patriot Donald Trump has shown the weakling Liberal Left what this Coronavirus nonsense is all about! Having confidently batted away the virus like a aircraft carrier shooting down Zeros at Midway, the President strode back into the White House and the upcoming election battle.

Millions of well wishers defied the looney left to celebrate his return dancing and covorting on the White House lawn. Mr Trump himself was clearly moved with the actions seemingly taking his breath away.

He showed the naysayers what for by removing his “mask” and hurling it into the crowd. A Churchillian two fingers moment distilled in the body of Roosevelt if there ever was one.

A survivor and a fighter to the last he showed that with a steely determination you can destroy this virus as easy as any Afghan village.

No need for “science”, “treatment” or “cures” just buckets of gumption

Boris and Trump are two peas from the same pod. Two bulwarks of truth, justice and liberty holding back the ever flowing tide of Communism that threatens to overwhelm us all.

As with Corbyn, Biden, Trumps unfortunate opponent clearly hates his country. He hates it to the core. Any man can see that Trump and only Trump can work with Boris to bring about Brexit and start the utter destruction of the corrupt and communist EU.

For Biden to DARE to stand before this is nothing short of abominable. He should cease his traitorous actions immediately and concede defeat so that the free world can really get going.

Let’s make the UK and the USA great again! Should put that on a hat

The Virus CONtinues

I’ve been away on a top secret fact finding mission linked to Nigel Farage so have been inactive for a while. But don’t worry I have been keeping a close eye on all the Leftist saboteurs that have been inching ever closer to enacting their coup on the great British people. I bravely shouted at a trainee in Greggs after they had the gall to offer me a vegan sausage roll. After ten minutes of explaining in great detail why there were no vegan sausage rolls in the trenches I demanded to see her manager. She informed me that the manager was taking a “break”. A break from what? I said. More than likely a break from filling the heads of our youth with this utter lefty vegan nonsense. EVentually she relented and brought the manager out. A skinny fellow. The sorta chap you’d expect to be cowering away in the corner of the bunker while the other brave Tommies are readying themselves to go over the top. Wet thin lips told me to calm down. Me? Calm down!

I was understandably incensed and immediately threw my purchase of steak bakes and pizza slices straight into his weasel face. I was as calm as a Limey grunt lying at the lip of my trench waiting for that silver whistle. How dare he?

This weak man went onto tell me that the vegan sausage roll was “optional” and if I didn’t want it I didn’t have to have it. That did it. I tell you what wasn’t optional…conscription. When our brave lads were corralled from the mines and sent to Flanders to fight the Hun did he think this was “optional” as he put it.

He said he was sure about the relevance of the war and I knew just knew that this clarty little fart would have been a proud white feather wearer and would have definitely pushed for appeasement. He asked me to leave or he would call the police and I said if he didn’t climb down with this aggressive Marxist attitude I’d stick him with my bayonet and the police would call me a national hero. At this point five busybodies rushed me from behind and clamped my arms to my sides before carrying me out of the shop. People cheered as I railed against the injustice of it all and I saw a old lady crying. No doubt reminded of the boys she lost to war back in 45.

After I was unceremoniously dumped out on the street I shouted that I would never shop at a Greggs again and passersby applauded my stance!

The Woke Left may have won the battle (and the ensuing public order offence court case that I was dragged to after kicking out at a car which, in my defence, I thought belonged to the manager of the Greggs. Turned out it didn’t and the two policemen who caught up with me halfway down the street weren’t interested in my story) but I know there’s enough patriots out there who will no doubt back my war on the woke.

Stay strong. Believe in Brexit

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