The Parties Party

The absolute brass balls of Boris Johnson is a sight to behold. Polish them up and use them to guide wounded bombers back to Blighty! To stand in the very belly of the beast, with political assassins sniping from every angle, puff his chest out and take it on the chin was glorious. Like watchingContinue reading “The Parties Party”

Knighting Nigel

Not knighting Nigel Farage is THE biggest British scandal since Harry married that actress. Snubbing Nige is akin to digging up all the brave lads who died at D-DAY and giving them a 12 hour lecture on “woke theory” The Queen refusing to put her sword on his neck is a blooming disgrace and IContinue reading “Knighting Nigel”

Night Watchmen

Like most people I spent my Christmas Day sat at my local coastline watching for migrant boats. You know to give Nigel a day off. Forgoing my Xmas dinner to maintain a lonely vigil atop my countries parapet. Watching over our boarders with a vigilance so potent you’d think it was cheese. The rain pouredContinue reading “Night Watchmen”

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