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The Little Boats

Invasion! Enemy spotted off the coast! With a fleet of small warships battering our sacred shores on a daily basis our stoic Island nation is besieged. Besieged by these tiny vessels of the dammed disgorging a tide of enemy combatants onto our beaches ready to storm inland and, no doubt, help to install a radicalContinue reading “The Little Boats”


The Mask Of Communism

Science has proven time and time again that it can’t be trusted. The fact that “science” uses long, complex words like “photosynthesis” and “atom” to confuse and perplex British patriots on a daily basis confirms this argument beyond doubt. Science is wrong. Science is often done by men and women who are bearded and beenContinue reading “The Mask Of Communism”

The Masks Of Fate

The “Looney Left” have today won a tiny victory in the face of an overwhelmingly close No-Deal (thank God) Brexit, a Conservative powerhouse government and patriots protecting statues all over the country, by getting Boris (Churchill) to admit that face coverings might have to be worn in shops. For a start this capitulation to theContinue reading “The Masks Of Fate”