Stop The Leek!

So this government has more leaks than a Welshmans scullery! Never fear! Bullish bouncing Bojo is on the case and if anyone in this government can fill a hole it’s Boris. Fresh from slapping down the lefty “bunny huggers” at the FAKE climate change meeting, Boris is gunning for those who have betrayed his trustContinue reading “Stop The Leek!”

God Save St George

Today is St George’s day. A day of sovereign sober reflection and celebration. I’ll be raising my half pint to brave St George this evening and having a 30 minute silence for those brave boys of the TAs who have died of old age. Of course the Marxist Left, led by Premier Corbynski, would throwContinue reading “God Save St George”

You Cheap Lousy WOKE CULTURE

It’s Political correctness gone Corgi barking mad as the wokesters at the BBC make their first moves at banning Christmas in its entirety. University graduates and bearded Lennin cheerleaders won’t be happy until we’re all making T-34 battle tanks on the production line instead of tucking into a turkey on Xmas day. With the OrwellianContinue reading “You Cheap Lousy WOKE CULTURE”

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