The Empty Shelves Of Home

I’ve seen hundreds of shrieking Remoaners bleeting on over a couple of empty shelves in thier local garages. Predictably they are blaming Johnsons Brexit when it is clearly the work of Scottish insurgents. Sturgeon has whipped those who lurk in the “Glenn’s” behind Hadrians wall into an anti English frenzy. A frenzy that threatens toContinue reading “The Empty Shelves Of Home”

The Night Of The G7

Once again the “crazy” EU are at slapping thier dicks on the table and calling it Christmas. After suffering the grandiose defeat that Brexit wrought their extreme pettiness has burnt its way through. That bunch of cold custard drinkers in Brussels have decided that we, the UK, are to adhere to the Northern Ireland protocol.Continue reading “The Night Of The G7”

Fair Warning

So the real enemy within our nations politics has shown her true face to us English. Sturgeon. Nicola Sturgeon has spent her entire life trying to dismantle the Union and usher in a new era of Scottish supremacy. She believes the “England should bark at the heel of its Scottish master” like some form ofContinue reading “Fair Warning”

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