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COVID Marshall’s

At last our wishy washy Leftist infested Government have put down their “Little Red Books” and started to get things done. After years of me saying that proud British patriots should be allowed to move on groups of Muslims if we feel they’ve been standing in the same place for too long the Government haveContinue reading “COVID Marshall’s”


Extinction of their rebellion

Extinction rebellion have had the audacity to launch a full frontal assault on our national icon. The Sun newspaper. Only the Queen and our fantastic two world war wins are held in a higher regard than our beloved national newspaper. No publication has done more to free us from the shackles of the EU orContinue reading “Extinction of their rebellion”

The Little Boats

Invasion! Enemy spotted off the coast! With a fleet of small warships battering our sacred shores on a daily basis our stoic Island nation is besieged. Besieged by these tiny vessels of the dammed disgorging a tide of enemy combatants onto our beaches ready to storm inland and, no doubt, help to install a radicalContinue reading “The Little Boats”