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The Right Returns

I feel like I’m a prominent voice in the world of alt-right logic, truth and patriotic advancement of my social class. So there is no doubt in my mind that the court case brought against me (less a “case” and more like a loose connection of facts and evidence deliberately arranged to make me lookContinue reading “The Right Returns”


God Save St George

Today is St George’s day. A day of sovereign sober reflection and celebration. I’ll be raising my half pint to brave St George this evening and having a 30 minute silence for those brave boys of the TAs who have died of old age. Of course the Marxist Left, led by Premier Corbynski, would throwContinue reading “God Save St George”

The Troubles

Donald Trump has proven once and for all that he is the ultimate authority on law and order. No man strikes as much respect and fear into his fellow men as he does. Red Joe has bought his seat in hell with this fraudulent election and now his supporters have ransacked the most prominent seatContinue reading “The Troubles”