Live Like This

This “cost of living crisis” is nothing but manufactured bunkum engineered by the violent left in a desperate attempt to hoodwink the hard working people of Britain. Now I’m a level headed person not prone to getting overexcited but I can categorically state that there is no cost of living crisis. Life is supposed toContinue reading “Live Like This”

Bakers Doesn’t

I normally wouldn’t go after prominent Conservative MPs but self styled “Brexit Hard man” Steve Baker has to go. Strutting around Whitehall bullying a load of Penfolds doesn’t make you a hard man it makes you a tart. This speccy geek needs to stop flopping his dick around like he owns Brexit and should slapContinue reading “Bakers Doesn’t”

Party Time

As the Conservative Party Conference gets into full swing I look forward to a number of scheduled events that will no doubt titilate the attendees and shove one in the eye of the woke. Fish Out The Deadwood With John Redwood- Conservative behemoth and all round fishermans friend hosts a six hour discussion on theContinue reading “Party Time”

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