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Strike Now

So the looney left and Starmers minions are hell bent on dragging us back to the 1970s are they? Can I even say “bent” anymore or will a woke student mob cancel me and my gender? The taloned hands of Corbyn are wrist deep in these train strikes make no mistake. His heavy red breathContinue reading “Strike Now”


Net Zero Interest

So the Lefts new jolly on the rocks with ice is “net zero” now I have no idea what this is but I know if bearded, cardigan wearing, bean eating, Socialists are for it. I’m against it. There’s a distinct parallel to be drawn between the first time I heard about net zero and theContinue reading “Net Zero Interest”

To The Lifeboats

Once again Thank you Farage for pointing out what every right thinking Brit is thinking. For too long we have laboured under the illusion that the British lifeboats were keeping our coastal waters safe but, alas, we were tricked The shadowy figures who control the lifeboat purse strings have been revealed by Farage and likeContinue reading “To The Lifeboats”