To The Lifeboats

Once again Thank you Farage for pointing out what every right thinking Brit is thinking. For too long we have laboured under the illusion that the British lifeboats were keeping our coastal waters safe but, alas, we were tricked The shadowy figures who control the lifeboat purse strings have been revealed by Farage and likeContinue reading “To The Lifeboats”

The Hidden Hand

Infiltration! Sabotage! Treason of the highest order! As a group of Conservative MPs “beg” brave battling Boris to restart Brexit. How dare they? For the very idea they should be flayed and roasted over a pile of burning tyres. Restart Brexit? While Europe flees from the flexing muscles of post Brexit Britain these spineless cowardsContinue reading “The Hidden Hand”

The War On Mugs

The predicted Twitter backlash has begun against those brave MPs who heroically voted against the feeding of poor children. As a proud parent of two sons I would be physically disgusted with the idea that an interfering government body would attempt to feed my children. Would you allow a homeless person to pass pre chewedContinue reading “The War On Mugs”

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