Trust In Truss

So our peppy go-getter of a trade Minister, Liz Truss, is turning up the heat on lefties in Parliament again! Despite thier bleating pleadings our Liz is standing firm over her decision to ban any questions on trade with the EU after Brexit. Too right. Too many of the leftie Labourites have too much investedContinue reading “Trust In Truss”

Boris Johnsons Brexit

At the moment there’s a lot of howling at the moon over Boris Johnsons glorious Brexit. So apparently a few Scottish welk farmers are upset they can’t just jolly off to Calais to feel up some French totty before swinging back to Peterhead for haggis and kilts. They say because of big Boris Johnsons BrexitContinue reading “Boris Johnsons Brexit”

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