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The Troubles

Donald Trump has proven once and for all that he is the ultimate authority on law and order. No man strikes as much respect and fear into his fellow men as he does. Red Joe has bought his seat in hell with this fraudulent election and now his supporters have ransacked the most prominent seatContinue reading “The Troubles”


The LameStream Media are covering it up. “Big Tech” are turning thier faces away from it. The radical left are embracing it. Election fraud: Fraud that has occurred during a election. Like the one we’ve seen in the USA. That supposed citidel of democracy has turned itself into a pit of Socialist deceit. President TrumpContinue reading “LameStream”

It’s Been A Ride

I’ve stayed quiet up to now because I’m a reasonable person who likes to know all the facts before throwing my considerable political weight behind something. After days of research I have come to the conclusions that follow: Beyond any and all doubt Donald Trump had the Presidency ripped away from him by a unholyContinue reading “It’s Been A Ride”