Driving Licence

Friends! Brexiteers! Patriots! Lend me your ears. Like 2016 we must once again band together and save this country, Christmas and it’s soul. The devilish EU on collusion with traitorous Remainers have seen to it that van drivers all over the UK are being recalled for new orders. In a foul attempt to drag BritainContinue reading “Driving Licence”

The Empty Shelves Of Home

I’ve seen hundreds of shrieking Remoaners bleeting on over a couple of empty shelves in thier local garages. Predictably they are blaming Johnsons Brexit when it is clearly the work of Scottish insurgents. Sturgeon has whipped those who lurk in the “Glenn’s” behind Hadrians wall into an anti English frenzy. A frenzy that threatens toContinue reading “The Empty Shelves Of Home”

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