Sausage Wars

Lay down your arms you Austrians! Surrender you Swedes and give up you Germans! The Sausage Wars are over! Once more plucky Brits jutted out a strong chin to Europe and said “not today Fritz!” Frau Merkel and her co-conspirators in EU HQ have been thwarted in thier diabolical schemes. Quivering in thier foxholes theyContinue reading “Sausage Wars”


Insurgency! Sabotage! Ring the church bells in every village the invasion has begun! We are under attack from all sides nowhere is safe not even the Local Wetherspoons. My local pillar of the community, “The Grinning Merkel” was hit by supply issues with both Carling and Coors light both OFF. A British pub without CarlingContinue reading “WetherbeatenSpoons”

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