A Final Barrage From Farage

He’s gone. After decades at the forefront of British politics he’s gone. The central player in Brexit has left the stage, the audiences applause still thundering through the country as he picks up his top hat and cloak and goes quietly into the night. Nigel Farage we salute you. You were the hero that theContinue reading “A Final Barrage From Farage”

Farage Fights

Britain’s last great Colonial treasure, Nigel Farage, has once again brought this governments failings into the cold light of patriotism. Unlike our weak, lefty decimated government, Sir Nige has been out on the front lines running vital intelligence sorties back to the British people. As reported from Farage HQ a platoon of clandestine refugees haveContinue reading “Farage Fights”

New Beginnings

The first of January 2021 was the single greatest day in the history of this sovereign United Kingdom. Despite the efforts of the remaining quislings and plutocratic European sympathisers we have escaped the clutches of the biggest mafia racket in the world! The UK can finally plough on through choppy seas, Captain BoJo at theContinue reading “New Beginnings”

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