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Speech Impediments

I wasn’t going to comment on BOJOs speech problems the other day but here we are. A gentleman and a scholar lost his place in a speech and the Left lap it up like they’ve won an election. There’s no doubt in my mind that PM Johnson had been bamboozled by a intern on theContinue reading “Speech Impediments”


Fishermans Friend

“A man who is not prepared to die for his country is nowt but a beast and a man who won’t scrap for his country is nowt but a Frenchmen” Nelson War has once again been brought to our peaceful shores by the bloodthirsty French and we must stand tall once more. The capture ofContinue reading “Fishermans Friend”

Subliminal Submarine

The Foppy French have embarrassed themselves on the world stage yet again. Not content with being the laughing stock of World War Two (Hitlers Return) they’ve now thrown a hissy fit over the new UK/US/AUS defence partnership. The partnership will be primarily be focused on agitating China but (hopefully) we can use some Navy SealsContinue reading “Subliminal Submarine”