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Bumble The Budget

The dashing form of Sunak cut a imperious figure today as the Spring budget was released from its briefcase like a pack of slavering wolves. Like hungry wolves the budget quickly devoured the doomongers and naysayers of the Liberal metropolitan elite. I won’t bore you with details because I know you’re not a details personContinue reading “Bumble The Budget”


Bakers Doesn’t

I normally wouldn’t go after prominent Conservative MPs but self styled “Brexit Hard man” Steve Baker has to go. Strutting around Whitehall bullying a load of Penfolds doesn’t make you a hard man it makes you a tart. This speccy geek needs to stop flopping his dick around like he owns Brexit and should slapContinue reading “Bakers Doesn’t”

Starmer Drama

The Labour Party conference has begun led by a man so in the pocket of Corbyn you’ll be finding lint on his forehead. Starmer, for years, has perpetrated treasonous acts against the Crown. Acts so heinous that I can’t even write about them here for fear of upsetting some of my older readers. Starmer hasContinue reading “Starmer Drama”