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So as you may have heard I made my debut appearance on International radio this week. My voice (and by extension yours) was broadcasting common sense points across the airwaves and across the oceans. Anywhere they hoist the Union Jack and heartily sing the national anthem in the Queen’s god given English had me comingContinue reading “Radiohead”


Global Boring

I’m going to address this climate change hullabaloo once and for all. For too long the global elites like that Thunberg girl have prattled on about climate change till the cows came home and its time to ask the real experts. The man in the pub. No one has his finger on the pulse ofContinue reading “Global Boring”

Curtain Call

Corruption. Sleaze. Deciet. Lies. These are the fillings in socialisms pie. The media has tried to deflect attention from the sinking Labour Party and the crumbling bloated EU by shoving this “Boris scandal” down our throats. But us TRUE TRUTH SEEKERS have seen through this smog of deceit and are arrowed in at the realContinue reading “Curtain Call”