Beefys Batting

Howzat! Whatcha! Haha! Another triumph for our esteemed Trade Minister Truss as she’s struck for the boundary and hit a six! No silly mid off point for this opener as Ian, “Beefy” Botham is appointed the new trade envoy to Australia. We’re sorry he’s not a Irish, transgender pronoun loving lefty like the Socialists wantedContinue reading “Beefys Batting”

The Farmers Fortune

Into the breach my friends! Trusty Truss has done it again? She’s whirled her magic trade baton and conjured up a trade agreement with Australian. A real Wizard of Oz. Truss has ensured premium “hormone injected” beef and all the kangaroos the regiments can eat will be delivered the UK throughout the year. Once againContinue reading “The Farmers Fortune”

Trust In Truss

So our peppy go-getter of a trade Minister, Liz Truss, is turning up the heat on lefties in Parliament again! Despite thier bleating pleadings our Liz is standing firm over her decision to ban any questions on trade with the EU after Brexit. Too right. Too many of the leftie Labourites have too much investedContinue reading “Trust In Truss”

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