Subliminal Submarine

The Foppy French have embarrassed themselves on the world stage yet again. Not content with being the laughing stock of World War Two (Hitlers Return) they’ve now thrown a hissy fit over the new UK/US/AUS defence partnership. The partnership will be primarily be focused on agitating China but (hopefully) we can use some Navy SealsContinue reading “Subliminal Submarine”

Farage Fights

Britain’s last great Colonial treasure, Nigel Farage, has once again brought this governments failings into the cold light of patriotism. Unlike our weak, lefty decimated government, Sir Nige has been out on the front lines running vital intelligence sorties back to the British people. As reported from Farage HQ a platoon of clandestine refugees haveContinue reading “Farage Fights”

The Little Boats

Invasion! Enemy spotted off the coast! With a fleet of small warships battering our sacred shores on a daily basis our stoic Island nation is besieged. Besieged by these tiny vessels of the dammed disgorging a tide of enemy combatants onto our beaches ready to storm inland and, no doubt, help to install a radicalContinue reading “The Little Boats”

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