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Sausage Wars

Lay down your arms you Austrians! Surrender you Swedes and give up you Germans! The Sausage Wars are over! Once more plucky Brits jutted out a strong chin to Europe and said “not today Fritz!” Frau Merkel and her co-conspirators in EU HQ have been thwarted in thier diabolical schemes. Quivering in thier foxholes theyContinue reading “Sausage Wars”


The Night Of The G7

Once again the “crazy” EU are at slapping thier dicks on the table and calling it Christmas. After suffering the grandiose defeat that Brexit wrought their extreme pettiness has burnt its way through. That bunch of cold custard drinkers in Brussels have decided that we, the UK, are to adhere to the Northern Ireland protocol.Continue reading “The Night Of The G7”