Lockdown Looms

Another national lockdown looms large as our embattled government is finally breeched by hordes of shrieking lefties and tiny brained do gooders. Let me make one thing perfectly clear: No virus has ever been beaten by “measures” or “treatment”. Every disease in the history of the world has only ever been tamed by gumption, CommonContinue reading “Lockdown Looms”

The War On Mugs

The predicted Twitter backlash has begun against those brave MPs who heroically voted against the feeding of poor children. As a proud parent of two sons I would be physically disgusted with the idea that an interfering government body would attempt to feed my children. Would you allow a homeless person to pass pre chewedContinue reading “The War On Mugs”

Burnham Burnt

Andy Burnham is burnt by Boris! Stirring stuff from the House of Commons today as not only is Marxist fantasist Andy Burnham slapped back to Manchester with his take between his legs, but our rabble rousing PM has put the skids on the loopy Lefts attempt to Nationalise children Tory MPs heroically stuck to theirContinue reading “Burnham Burnt”

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